At WEALTHPLUZ, we offer wide range of products such as Mutual Funds, Insurance (Health, Life & General), Guaranteed Savings Plans, Fixed Income Instruments, Sovereign Gold Bonds etc. with following facilities to all our clients: Easy Planning/Execution & Managing your Finances.

  • Easy Investing
  • Easy Tracking
  • Safe & Secure

We provide comprehensive Financial Planning for the following Categories:


Financial requirements of different individuals cannot be catered by the same plan. Once a clarity on the client’s financial goals is obtained, a detailed review and analysis of all the facets of the financial situation of the investor is done. This includes gathering information on income, expenses, assets, liability & the surplus amount available for investment. Additional risk profiling is also done which further helps in correct asset allocation. This finally helps to curate the most appropriate ‘health & wellness plan’ for the individual. This ensures that we have the right plan for every financial goal.

We provide comprehensive Financial Planning for the following Categories:

  • Financial Planning - For Residents
  • Financial Planning - For Non Residents/HNI Clients
  • Financial Planning - For Merchant Navy Professionals

Everyone needs to save for a rainy day. Once you have saved enough to take care of emergencies, it's time to start thinking about investing and to make your money grow.

Investment planning is an integral part of Financial planning. All individuals have a set of financial goals which they strive to achieve at different stages of life. Keeping in mind the available financial resources, risk appetite and a lot of other factors, we help you select the best investment vehicle that suits your needs. We ensure timely reviews and carefully map each investment option, so as to leave no stone unturned.

Plan your investments with Wealthpluz and see your financial goals being achieved.


Proper tax planning is an integral and important part of financial planning. The Primary purpose of tax planning is to mitigate tax burden and save money while conforming to the various provisions and legal requirements of the Income tax Act.

Choose Wealthpluz to help you reduce your tax liability by paying the right amount of tax by legitimately taking advantage of all tax exemptions, rebates, deductions etc, and at the same time ensuring that your investments are inline with your long term goals.


Retirement planning is the most important component of Financial Planning as your working period (Accumulation Phase) and retirement period (Distribution Phase) are almost equal.

Ever wondered what life after Retirement will be like? Will there be sufficient funds for all your needs? We all have to eventually retire but the game changer move is when you decide to plan your retirement. ‘When to plan for retirement?’ is a frequently asked question and our reply is - ‘NOW’.

Wealthpluz will be honoured to help you plan for this important phase of life.


Kids grow up quickly & so do their needs. Education is always a priority when it comes to our children. We weave many dreams for them but often our financial situation puts a damper on things. Thinking of sending your child to the best institute/ university? Contact us @Wealthpluz and we will formulate a well defined financial strategy to achieve these dreams.


Protecting self and your loved ones against potentially devastating and unforeseen events is the basis of any sound financial plan. Lifestyle diseases have become extremely common and it is of paramount importance that we prepare ourselves beforehand to face any situation that may lead to degradation of our investments & financial objectives.

Insure yourself against rising medical costs by choosing the right financial plan. Wealthpluz advocates and educates all its clients on the importance of insurance cover, while formulating the perfect plan to suit you and your family’s needs.

We analyse your existing protection through Term & Health insurance and recommend additional coverage if required.

This is what we offer
  • Financial Risk Appetite Analysis
  • Emergency Funding Strategy
  • Life & Health Insurance Adequacy Analysis
  • Goal Based Investment Planning
  • Action Plans/Execution Strategy for fulfilling Financial Goals
  • Detailed Analysis of Mutual Fund Portfolio
What we don’t offer
  • For a fruitful engagement, it is very important to have transparency regarding services that we don’t offer
  • Direct Equity Valuations & Tips
  • Active Fund Management based on timing the markets.